High Mileage Oil versus Regular Oil

Just a couple years ago, there were only a few types of motor oils available on local auto store shelves. Currently, there are several types of motor oil formulations available in the market today. Each of the oil companies claiming theirs to be the best motor oil. There has been a claim that the newer formulations are better as they are as a result of better refined oil that makes use of more advanced technology to enhance performance and increase engine life. By their looks the two oils are not very much different. The high mileage motor oil has the smooth feel characteristic of synthetic motor oil but it also has the thickness regular oil is known for.

High mileage motor oilsThere has been a debate, high mileage oils versus regular oils. The debate arose as more and more people are seeking to know the main differences between the two oils, their pros and cons. It also seeks to know which of the two has better motor oil ratings.

Most critics comparing high mileage oil versus regular oil say that the high mileage mile oil is thicker compared to the conventional oil. It has more additives than the regular oil to enable it achieve the high mileage. The additives also help check on leaks. The oil burns at higher temperatures than the regular oil as it is normally a semi synthetic blend. This makes the oil perfect for older cars that have a tendency to leak or burn oil.

Normally, the high mileage oil contains smaller molecules as compared to the regular oil. This affords the vehicle better protection as compared to regular oil hence some say it’s the best motor oil. The high mileage oil is supposed to be primarily synthetic. When you look at high mileage oil vs regular oil you realize that the former breaks down less slowly as compared to the regular oil. This is because the synthetic motor oil contains additives that help stabilize the oil to slow does its rate of breaking down.

Some people who engage in the high mileage oil versus regular oil debate claim that both when used in a car get almost equally dirty. Others claim that although the high mileage contains more lubricating elements, it is the cleaner of the two oils, making it the best oil for old cars. The high mileage lasts longer than the regular oil but is as well more costly. The high mileage oil is made with an intention to combat wear related problems like lower compression, oil seepage and leaks, high rate of deposits and so on. The special additives in the oil are for combating such problems.

Regular oil is made from crude oil which has been pumped from the ground and then processed in a refinery to come up with the regular oil. Some additives are added into the oil to change its viscosity, regulate its protection properties, change the heat breakdown level of the oil and give it better motor oil ratings.

The high mileage oil versus regular oil debate might range on for quite some time but the most important thing is for every individual to know which oil is best for his vehicle.