High Mileage Cars

Every person who owns high mileage vehicles would wish to see the vehicle last longer so as to continue giving him the valuable service and save him the agony of having to cater for the expense of buying another vehicle. The problem is that most owners of high mileage cars don’t know what to do to ensure that their increasingly aged high mileage cars continue to run smoothly without breaking down now and then. Due to the problem facing most economies across the globe most people have resulted to buying used high mileage vehicles hoping they will serve them long enough, at least up to when they are able to buy newer and better vehicles.

To get the best out of high mileage cars there are several things that a vehicle owner needs to do.

  • Always service your car. Even the best high mileage cars require service just like the other machines. Just because the manufacturer says it’s a tough vehicle, it does not mean that the vehicle is going to last long without being serviced. One has to ensure that the car gets lubed quite often and ensure the filters are always clean. Change the oil and the filters of the high mileage vehicle every few thousand miles or so. Different cars require different frequency of servicing and maintenance hence the best way to know how frequently you should be servicing your car is by reading the manual from the manufacturer.
  • Always ensure your car looks attractive. Even the best high maintenance car will not sell if it looks like it belongs to the junk yard. The high mileage cars too lose their glamour with age. As it grows older the paint finish gets broken exposing the car to elements like rust. Regular cleaning and storing your high mileage vehicle in a well covered garage will not only help prolong the life of your high mileage vehicle but it will also help maintain its performance.
  • Just because yours is the best high mileage vehicle it does not give you the right to drive recklessly. High mileage vehicles that are driven slowly eventually will last longer than those that are driven carelessly. Always avoid subjecting your high mileage car to unnecessary stress and strain that only serve to weaken it.

The Best Car Oil for High Mileage Cars

In most countries a vehicle is considered high mileage if it has done over 70,000 miles. Such vehicles will require special oils to keep their engines operating smoothly. The best oil for high mileage cars is specifically designed to reduce leaks and compression losses which are quite common in high mileage vehicles. There are various kinds of motor oil for high mileage cars.

High engine oils are used in cars with high mileage. They help prolong the life of the engine and are particularly good cushioning against leaks. There are also the fully synthetic oils and the partially synthetic oils, all used in high mileage cars. While the purely synthetic oils contain only synthetic oils, the partially synthetic combines refined crude oil with the synthetic ones.